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The 2023 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature begins on
Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Legislature convenes in regular annual sessions on the first Tuesday in February, except (1) in the first year of the four-year term, when the session will begin on the first Tuesday in March, and (2) in the last year of a four-year term, when the session will begin on the second Tuesday in January.

The length of the regular session is limited to 30 meetings days within a period of 105 days.

There are usually two meeting days or "legislative days" per week, with other days devoted to committee meetings.

Special sessions of the Legislature may be called by the Governor, with the Proclamation listing the subjects the Governor wishes considered. These sessions are limited to 12 legislative days within a 30 calendar day span.

In a regular session, bills may be enacted on any subject.

In a special session, legislation must be enacted only on those subjects which the Governor announces in the proclamation or "call." Anything not in the "call" requires a two-thirds vote of each house to be enacted.