Message from the President

Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones 02 11 2015.jpg Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones was inducted as President of the Alabama Sheriffs Association on March 1, 2022, during the 2022 Winter Technology Conference held at the Auburn Marriott Opelika Resort & Spa at Grand National in Opelika, Alabama.


When has there ever been a time when the Office of Sheriff hasn't faced some type of challenge? I'm not writing about a random one here or there. I'm thinking of day in and day out issues of concern that each of us must address in our positions as the only community based elected law enforcement officials in this great state.


The problems we face are becoming more complex and diverse in nature. Protecting the citizens we serve through our public safety efforts, managing jail operations, serving in partnership with our judiciary, providing awareness through education to our communities on crime preventive measures and a multitude of responsibilities unique to the role of sheriff. The number of areas of involvement are constantly expanding. That serves as the theme of my message.


We, as sheriffs, must stay on focus as we strive to serve our areas of responsibility. It is imperative that we make the effort to keep abreast of current issues, but even more important is the need to seek information on latest practices that have proven successful for our colleagues across the nation. Any problem you encounter has very likely been faced by others.


I encourage you to always reach out to your fellow sheriffs for solutions when tough problems arise. The "No Sheriff Shall Stand Alone" motto doesn't just sound good; it means something.


Your association has been working hard to enhance the position and clout of the Office of Sheriff. This past year has demonstrated how important that is. The recently completed session of the state legislature resulted in the removal of the requirement to obtain a permit for concealed carry of a handgun.


We, along with our partners in public safety across the state, expended great effort to emphasize the negative impact on safety within our communities that could result from the passing of this change to the law. I appreciate the efforts of Randy Hillman and the many Sheriffs who stood strong in communicating our position to our legislature.


This undertaking demonstrated the need to continue our efforts in expanding our relationships with lawmakers to ensure accurate and relevant information is provided before decisions are made.


Training and education are critical now and must be a primary element of our Association. As sheriffs, we should make every effort to lead the way in promoting and enhancing opportunities for our personnel to acquire the knowledge to perform at the highest levels. Reaching out to coordinate in training efforts with our law enforcement partners provides benefits in efficiency and cost sharing options.


We have seen time and again that public safety agencies working together increases the probability of success in our operations. It is also what the citizens we serve expect from us. We must present a united front in the face of the adversity that comes our way.


I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve as president of our Association. The privilege of working with an icon in the form of our Executive Director Bobby Timmons is an honor. My desire is to continue the legacy of those who served before me and to do everything with the goal of increasing the influence of the Alabama Sheriffs Association.