Message from the Executive Director

Jimmy Lambert Executive Director Alabama Sheirffs Association.jpg




  Jimmy Lambert
   Executive Director


Congratulations to all our Sheriffs across the great State of Alabama who won their elections. To our sixteen newly elected or appointed Sheriffs, I welcome you to this outstanding fraternity. The Alabama Sheriffs Association continues to stand ready to furnish guidance, support and assistance in whatever way we can to help move the mission of your office forward while always maintaining a positive light in the eyes of the public. Congratulations, also, to Sheriff John Samaniego for being our featured Sheriff for our Winter issue of the Alabama Sheriffs Star.


Team, now that we have welcomed in the New Year, I am very happy to report that the future is bright for your Alabama Sheriffs Association. As many of you are already aware, we have been and are currently working on numerous new programs that will ultimately give positive results and feedback from your constituents across the state.


For those of you who are not aware here is a small portion of what we have in the works. By the time you read this we hope to have our Individual, Family and Small Business Honorary Membership and our Corporate Partnerships off the ground and running. These allow individual citizens and businesses to become more involved by donating to the Association annually. In return for their donations, they will receive membership cards, bumper or window stickers showing they are proud supporters of their local Sheriffs and the Association.


I extend my thanks to Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones for serving as President of our association this past year. He represented us well.


And I look forward to working with Franklin County Sheriff Shannon Oliver as he steps into the office of President for the upcoming year.


The 2023 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature begins on March 7. The association, working with the executive board, has already met with state legislators to address some the current needs of the Sheriffs and will present several bills that will benefit the sheriffs and their staff moving forward.


2023 promises to be a year of growth for the Alabama Sheriffs Association with special training opportunities that the association, working in conjunction with some of our sheriffs, intend to bring to your areas at no charge to the sheriffs.


Come by the association office when you are in Montgomery - my door is always open.